Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing can provide the means to introduce new technologies into your company's current process, or assist you with new process development. Technologies already implemented include various high-vacuum technologies for production of heat-treatable, weldable structural die castings with special mechanical properties. Our team has also developed extensive experience in new die and tip lubricant technologies. The availability of a squeeze cast machine at Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc. has enabled structural squeeze cast development, as well as metal-matrix composite technologies. Below, a Metal Matrix Composite - SiC Preform infiltrated by an Aluminum alloy is shown. The Aluminum alloy infiltration was performed using squeeze cast technology.

Metal Matrix Composite - SiC Preform Infiltrated by an Aluminum Alloy using Squeeze Cast Technology High Vacuum Casting Developed at a Customer Site

Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing has developed or acquired technologies for the following applications in high pressure die casting:

  • Valve-less High Vacuum System
  • High Vacuum Ejector Pin Technology
  • "Deep Pocket" Ejection System Technology
  • Fast Shot Automatic Braking System
  • Bi-Level Metal Filling System for Electric Rotor Manufacturing